Why are in-person headshots better than AI creations?

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Why are in-person headshots better than AI creations?

📸 Inconsistencies and Errors: AI technology can sometimes produce inconsistencies or errors, like unnatural facial features or proportions, which can detract from the professional quality of the headshot.

📸 Trust and Credibility: Using AI-generated images can raise ethical questions about authenticity and transparency, especially if the generated images are passed off as real without disclosure.

NJ headshot photographer

📸 Real Connection: In-person headshots capture your genuine expressions and personality, creating a true representation that fosters trust and connection with your audience. AI-generated images often lack this authenticity and can appear lifeless or unnatural.

📸 Personalization and Customization: In-person sessions allow for real-time adjustments and personalized touches based on your unique preferences and needs. This customization ensures that your headshot aligns perfectly with your brand and image, which AI tools might not accurately capture.

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